The Key Questions

The Key Questions

Who was the Apostle Thomas?

Thomas is the apostle referenced in the Gospel of John. He is described as the apostle of wavering faith refusing to accept that Christ was risen until he had touched the wounds he received on the cross.  Who was the Apostle Thomas?

Why isn't The Gospel Of Thomas in the Bible?

Athanius The Apostolic was the 20th Pope of Alexandria. In his Easter letter of AD367 Athanius was the first to list the 27 books of the New Testament canon. The Gospel Of Thomas was not included. Why isn't Thomas In The Bible?

When was The Gospel Of Thomas written?

There is a wide variance of opinion regarding this. On the one hand there are academics who have made the case that it was written before the Gospel Of Mark (the earliest gospel) AD70 and others who claim it was not written until the latter half of the second century. 

Why is The Gospel Of Thomas named after the Apostle Thomas?

The Apostle Thomas is the disciple who is purported to have both written the gospel and also to have a special understanding of the teaching it conveys.

How was The Gospel Of Thomas discovered?

The only complete copy of the Gospel was discovered in a clay pot at the base of a cliff along the River Nile in Egypt in 1945.

Is the Gospel Of Thomas different to the Biblical Gospels?

About sixty of the 114 sayings have some correlation to things Jesus said in the Biblical gospels though in each instance there are differences.

How many copies of The Gospel Of Thomas are there? 

We have only one complete copy. In 1897 and 1903 three papyrus fragments from the gospel were found at a dig in Oxyrhynchus in Egypt though only eighteen of the 114 verses were referenced

GIven Thomas isn't in the Bible is it heresy to follow it? 

The early Jesus movement was factionalised. There were varying views regarding who and what Jesus was and what his teaching conveyed.

Was Jesus Vegetarian? 

There is extensive evidence to suggest that he was vegetarian. The case for this is covered extensively in my book 'The Kingdom Of The ONE' but for now consider the following;

Is there any correlation between The Gospel Of Thomas and The Islamic Jesus? 

Bit of a left field question this one but an important one. It is little known that the Islamic tradition embraces Jesus as a prophet.