The Lone Seeker.

The Lone Seeker.

It takes courage and fortitude to leave the safety of the herd.

V49 The Lone Seeker

The herd follows the herd because there is safety in conformity. Though striking out alone feels risky, in the Gospel of Thomas Jesus presents it as the only option worthy of your consideration. In V49 he tells us that the solitary is blessed for it is the solitary who turn away from religious duty and obligation and instead towards a life lived by reference to his own innate sense of the Divine. In my forthcoming book the idea of the solitary, what I term the Lone Seeker, is explored in great detail

V107 You are loved more

In V107 Jesus confirms that it is the errant sheep, the One who is ready and willing to leave the safety of the flock, that is loved more. This is Jesus telling us that we should not shy away from striking out on our own. If societal and religious answers aren't giving us what we want then we should have the courage to go and find our own answers. In the Gospel of Thomas Jesus tells us we shouldn't fear breaking free from institutional agendas and doctrines.

Gospel of Thomas - The Lone Seeker