About Me

About Me

and mine

Me and Thomas

I am tired of how the world is. Like many of you shopping in the supermarket of world faiths has led nowhere productive. In all of my searching it is only the the Gospel of Thomas that has reconciled with my personal values and with my understanding of how things are. I believe Thomas to be the mystical inheritor of the early Christian movement and that they have a self authenticating legitimacy.

This website was built with two purposes in mind. Firstly to build awareness that The Thomas Gospel exists and that it has something unique to say. And secondly to present something of my own interpretation of what Jesus is conveying. Simples really.

Me and Mine

I generally dislike labels because they necessarily limit us. That said I would describe myself as a widower, a father, a grandfather, a cat rescuer, a vegan, a bit of a recluse, a mystic, an academic, and most of all as a trier. I am someone who wants to see a different world, a world in which all aspects of the biosphere, both human and other than human, are treated with kindness and compassion. 

You will find me in middle England with my rescue cats and often laughing at my own jokes (because somebody has to). I write in the same coffee shop every day, often at my favourite table.