The Unity

The Unity

We are each facets of the same underlying whole.

V77 Everything is One, Including You 

Most of us experience our lives life as something separate from everything else. There is you and there is I and we both live in a world defined by separation and distinction. In V77 of the Gospel of Thomas Jesus explains his very different experience of the world. He declares that there is no distinction between himself and the All of everything and that he exists in both the split wood and also under stones. In V61 he elaborates his position telling Salome that he exists from the 'undivided'. The Jesus of Thomas frequently references the idea that everything and everyone is the same One thing. 

Gospel of Thomas - Unity

Unity - Gospel of Thomas

V59 Take heed of the One

We are each metaphorical waves crossing the ocean. In our 'waveness' we somehow forgot that we are also the ocean. As each of us has a necessary functional and separate identity we also belong to something bigger. We are each a sub-process embedded in the great process of everything. This is not just a human characteristic for the animals, the seas, the forests and the skies also possess it. In V59 of the Gospel of Thomas Jesus urges us to take heed of our Living One(ness) for this is the single truth from which all other truths arise.