Forgotten Children

Forgotten Children

Oneness resides in the rediscovery of our inner child

V4 Our inner child, untainted and unburdened 

We are created and assembled in our Mother's womb. From a single egg comes a 26 billion cell process that complains bitterly at separation from mum. One becomes two and life begins. 

We marvel at the spontaneity and lightness of being that our children manifest, untouched by societal conditioning they know who they are. They explore the soil like a long forgotten friend and see the dogs they grow up with as both their friends and equals. They are in awe at simply being here. This is the metaphorical child of seven days. They know the Unity innately and deeply. They have yet to add the layers and layers of self required to deal with the world but of course they will. Thye have no choice.

The old man is urged to find his way back to this state. To become like the newborn for the newborn knows the Unity. At the heart of the message lies the assumption that the longer our lives go on the more fragmented and lost we become. That most of us have lost our true selves in layers of societal expectations and untruths. The process of refinding ourselves is a journey back to that which we once were. In V4 of the Gospel of Thomas Jesus advises that the only way to move forward is by going back.

Gospel of Thomas - Forgotten Children