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Interested in hearing a different story about the man called Jesus sourced from a relatively unknown Gospel?

We Are All One. 

The early Jesus movement was factionalised and Orthodox Christianity was just one of those factions. The Thomas Gospel will have had its own advocates and followers and conveyed a different interpretation of who and what Jesus was. It's worth noting from the outset that 'Thomas' has no chronological description of the events of his life, nor miracles. Also no resurrection nor mentions of founding a new church. Thomas presents its own very unique insight into who and what Jesus was.  

The author of this site, Martin Ladbrooke. suggests that 'Thomas' presents a unified and coherent message regarding how to relate to the world and also to your life. That Thomas reveals 'Jesus The Mystic' and the sayings point to the apprehension of an 'Undifferentiated Unity' a 'Oneness' if you prefer, that once perceived eradicates all multiplicities. This Unity embraces everything within its scope. It is the song of life, it is everyone you know, all the animals, the plants and the rocks too. There is nothing it is not. 

Our lives are intextricably linked with others, with future generations and with everything that is not human. Interdependency is woven into the very fabric of existence. When we come see ourselves as integrally part of the' One' great process of everything then everything changes. The earth and all of her inabitants becomes us and because she becomes us our relationship with her changes. The site summarises just some of the themes Ladbrooke covers in his book the 'Kingdom Of The ONE', as well as a synopsis of the Gospel's history.

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