Welcome to this Gospel of Thomas Website

(A site dedicated to the sharing of the Thomas Gospel)

The Importance Of Thomas

This site exists to build awareness of the Thomas Gospel and to share some of the insight I personally have discerned from it. Thomas has no chronological narrative, no miracles and no temple confrontations. Also no resurrection nor mentions of founding a new church. Thomas presents its own very unique insight into who and what Jesus was. 

In all religions there are the orthodox who abide by ceremonies and creed. These are the followers who reside implicity in the authority of individuals and institutions. Then there are others, the non-orthodox, those who choose to reside in their own authority. It is to this latter group that Thomas will appeal. 

Thomas occurs as a unified and coherent whole, written by a single author. It uses allegorical language not unlike that evidenced in the Gospel of John. It stands on its own merits independently of any other Gospel.

Humans have always searched for meaning and in modern society this is equally true. Thomas provides this but not at all in the way you expect. It does not require you to abnegate your intellect. As confounding as the 114 sayings are they are worthy of your time and investment. They are designed to jolt you out of your current world perspective into a new space, a place beyond the clutches of what society has taught you to believe about yourself.

If you are touched at all by anything on this site you are touched by the mystery of the man called Jesus