Leading The Way

Leading The Way

We encourage others through the eloquence of our own example.

V.24 Shining our light

Orthordoxy tells us there is something implicitly wrong with us and that Jesus came to save us from this wrongness. Thomas tells us we are, and always have been the Unity itself, that we are the very Divinity we have been looking for. They are fundamentally different positions. The Gospel of Thomas tells us there is an innate light, a divine spark if you prefer, that infuses every part of creation. It suggests that when we recognise this within ourselves, when we transform our knowing, then we become signal fires for a better world. There is a quiet encouragement here to shine our light more boldly. 

If Jesus were here today then he would advocate disobedience of societal norms. His world subverting wisdom would focus on the protection of the biosphere and all of its diversity. He would remind us that our responsibilities extend to everyone and everything and that if there is hope for the future, then it rests solely and completely in this. 

The 'One' is all things created and originated, as it has always been. The space around us is an extension of who and what we are. We extend into it and it extends back. In V.24 of the Gospel of Thomas Jesus affirms that if enough of us live in its light then the whole world lights up. He suggests the onus is on us to encourage others through the eloquence of our example.

Gospel of Thomas - Leading the Way