The Mystic

The Mystic

Every distinction serves only to separate us.

V89 The End of all Distinctions

Arriving in the world we will have perceived no separation between ourselves and our mothers. As the metaphorical child of seven days each of us  will have recognised ourselves to be innately whole. As life progresses however we start to make the distinctions that enable our surival in a world that propagates distinction. Up/down, left/right, male/female, human/other than human, our minds become full of the separations that enable us to make sense of our place here. In V89 of the Gospel of Thomas Jesus reminds his audience that the distinction between their inner and outer selves is illusory. We are known by the One as our whole selves.

V15 The One

The Mystic accesses a different state of consciousness. Though she may see a separate table and chair the light of the Unity shines through them. In this state of consciousness she perceives everything as the One. The apprehension of this Undifferentiated Unity is embodied within our whole selves. In V15 of the Gospel of Thomas Jesus tells us that the One is the Divine itself, the only thing worthy of our worship. 

Gospel of Thomas - The Mystic