The Gospel of Thomas asks us to change the way we experience the world.

V58 It is in our suffering that we are prompted to search for meaning 

In V58 Jesus says 'Blessed is the man who has suffered and found life' confirming that it is through our personal crises that we are made ready to consider the larger questions of our lives. 

V22 To change our perspective requires us to change our experience of the world

At the end of V22 we are given advice regarding the change that is required of us. We are encouraged to 'replace our eye with eyes' so that we may see both the world and ourselves anew. Also to 'replace our hand with a hand' so that we may feel the world in a different way and 'replace our foot with a foot 'so that we may walk the world with a different stride and gait. This is Jesus telling us that the route to the Unitive path requires us a wholesale reconsideration of how we experience the world.

Gospel of Thomas - Hand in Place of a Hand