The World

The World

The peace that you crave won't be found in worldly success and recognition.

V56 The World (System) is a Corpse

Where Jesus uses the term 'world' then replace it with the word 'system' for this is what he is referencing. He saw through the fickleness of the system, albeit a version that existed 2000 years ago. He lived a life of an itinerant preacher, grabbing food where he could, a radical wanderer speaking to whomever would listen. In V56 of the Gospel of Thomas Jesus tells his audience that when we finally see through the system we will recognise it for the corpse that it is. 

Nowadays the system is so deeply embedded in us that we define others by their profession, by the income they earn, by what they have or don't have. The idea of the Undifferentiated Unity, of oneness, by its very nature refutes any notion of hierarchy or distinction. It tells us we are all equal facets of the same undivided whole irrespective of our social standing. As our lives progress our worldly endeavours come to exercise total dominion over our inner world. Many of us find ourselves besieged by the idea that the life we fought so hard for is absolutely not the life we want.

Gospel of Thomas - The World