The Way Of The Mystic

The Way Of The Mystic

v22 Jesus said to them 'When you make the two One, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below...then you will enter the kingdom.

v22: The One Becomes Two

Arriving in the world we will have perceived no separation between ourselves and our mothers, The child of 7 days innately reposes in the One. As life progresses however the one necessarily becomes the two. Up/down, left/right, male/female, human/non human, our minds become full of the distinctions that enable our survival in a world that propagates distinction.

In v22 Jesus tells us that the way to the Kingdom in this life, the way to our inner bliss, is returning to this original state of Unity. To see the Unity in everything and everyone, and to put aside the distinctions that permeate every nook and cranny of the human system. This is the way of unitive consciousness, the way of the mystic. 

v22: The Mystic

The mystic accesses a different state of consciousness, sometimes referenced  as unitive consciousness. In this state of consciousness the experient perceives everything outside of him as just One thing and his inner world as integrally part of this One thing. He sees the table and chairs as you do but for him the unity shines through them. The apprehension of this undifferentiated unity is a non-sensory, non-intellectual state that is embodied within our whole selves. It is often described as ineffable, something that defies the limitations of language. The experience of this Oneness is a state of grace, and this state of grace, this inherent bliss, this is the Kingdom.

The Gospel of Thomas