Be Here Now

Be Here Now

v91. Jesus said 'you read the face of the sky and the earth but you do not see the one before you and you do not know how to read this moment'

v91: This Moment

Finding the Living One is one thing, being bound to the Living One is altogether different. The One is found in the eternal and present moment and to reside in it requires us to quieten our scattered mindtalk. This is easier said than done as the dramas of the day unfold. We have to go to work and drop the children off at school. We have money worries but the car needs servicing and we desperately need a new washing machine. These are the things that consume our inner world. Our task list stretches endlessly on as we react to the stuff the world throws at us.

Is it any wonder that Jesus recommends fasting from the system, knowing as he did that it consumes every ounce of our lives. We need to start small. If we can be present in this moment then we can be present in the next. The more we reside in the presentness the easier binding to the Unity becomes. I try and fail, and then try again. It is the nature of all spiritual quests.

The Gospel of Thomas - This moment