The Solitary.

The Solitary.

v48. 'Blessed are the solitary and elect for you are from the kingdom and to it you will return'

v48: Blessed Are The Solitary.

The herd follows the herd because there is safety in conformity. Though striking out alone feels risky, in Thomas Jesus presents it as the only option worthy of your consideration. Less than 5% of the British population now attend church regularly as more and more of us classify ourselves as spiritual or simply atheist. Academics have defined this as evidence of the 'subjective turn', a turn away from external religious duties and obligations and a turn towards a life lived by reference to  our subjective experience of the divine. This is entirely consistent with Thomas, as Jesus positively encourages us to follow our own inner light. 

The world is full of contradictions, differing viewpoints and recriminations. The Solitary entertains none of this for he is both lost and found in his experience of the allness of everything. The courage to challenge the status quo, the willingness to shine our light ever more boldly, both of these are role-modelled by Jesus himself. Notice that in this verse Jesus ends with the statement that you are from the Kingdom and to it you will return. Thomas tells us we are sourced from the ONE, that it is our true mother and father, and at our end it is to the ONE that we return.

The Gospel of Thomas - The Solitary