The One is the Father and the Mother.

The One is the Father and the Mother.

V15 Jesus said 'When you see One not born of woman prostrate yourselves on your faces and worship him. That One is your Father'

v15: The 'One' is both the Father and the Mother.

The idea of the undifferentiated unity exists upon the fringes of many traditions. In some traditions it is referenced as God, in others just as the One. In Thomas Jesus uses the term 'God' incredibly sparingly preferring instead to reference the 'One' as our true father. in V15 Jesus confirms  that the One is the only thing worthy of your worship.

We should note however that the One is also referenced as our true Mother. V101 concludes with the phrase

 'v101......But my true mother gave me life'.

The Gospel confirms the One as androgynous, neither fully male nor fully female. In a Gospel that proposes the end of all distinctions this should come as no surprise. The One is all things and no one particular thing. It is the obliteration of all multiplicities, the parent of all existence.  

Gospel of Thomas - The one is the father and the mother

Gospel of Thomas

v50: The Living One came into being of its own accord

In v50 Jesus points out how the Living One came to be. He said:

v50. "If they say to you where did you come from?" say to them "We came from the Light, the place where the light came into being of its own accord and established itself"

In many mystical traditions there is a light that shines beyond all that is. This light infuses eveything and because it infuses everything then it connects everything.

The idea that something can bring itself into existence is in vogue. Peter Atkin wrote a wonderful book explaining how the cosmos brought itself into being without the aid of a Third Party. This was achieved via the separation of no charge into opposing charges. So from nothing came nothing but the new nothing was more interesting because it had the appearance of something.

Stephen Hawkings himself contended in his last book that the idea of there being nothing rather than something is extremely unlikely because 'nothingness' is inherently unstable. 

Thomas is an ageless wisdom. Even if one day science were able to prove the existence of multiverses then from a Thomas perspective we simply change our definition of all that is. The Gospel has a seamless flexibility that enables comfortable co-existence with our emerging science.