The Unity Becomes The Kingdom

The Unity Becomes The Kingdom

v113. (The Kingdom) will not come by waiting for it. It will not be a matter of saying here it is, or there it is. Rather the kingdom is spread out over the earth though men do not see it'

v113: The Kingdom is already here

In v113 we are advised not to watch and wait for The Kingdom because its already here, 'spread out across the earth', hidden in plain view. This view is confirmed in Luke 17:21 where we are told that the Kingdom is 'in the midst of you'. Of course there are other references in the New Testament canon that point to the Kingdom being not of this world such as  John 18:36.

v113: The Kingdom is the Unity

What are we to make of the idea that the Kingdom is spread out over the earth but men do not see it?  The answer to this question sits in the preceding phrase of v113. The Kingdom can't be narrowed down to a specific thing. We can't say 'here it is' or 'there it is' for this fails to recognise that the Kingdom encompasses everything and everone including 'the split wood' and 'that which lives under stones'. Do you remember these were mentioned in V77?

The recognition of the cosmos as just one thing, as an inherent unity of which everything and everyone is an integral part, this is the promised Kingdom. To reside in it is to give up our separations, and to recognise our higher unitive self. When we do this we become the metaphorical drop of water falling back into the ocean, or the leaf learning to become the tree. It is a transformation of our knowing, and a deep recognition of the connectedness of all things.

Gospel of Thomas - The Kingdom is the Unity

The Gospel of Thomas

v3: The Sun Rises On A New Gospel

In v3 Jesus confirms the all pervasive nature of the Kingdom. He said... 'The Kingdom is inside of you and it is (also) outside of you'. There are no exceptions here. Jesus dispenses with the most fundamental duality of all, the duality of the self and everything that is not the self. The Kingdom is the people you don't like and the animals that you eat. It is the Earth itself. It is the decision to put aside societal hierarchies, to step back from institutional religion, and to forge ones own relationship with the Divine. It is the unravelling of the self to refind the original child within. It is all of these things and so much more. 

There are no mountains to be ascended and no top to be reached. No back breaking work to be done. The Way is a circle where you come back to  yourself over and again. Every review of the sayings, every single iteration of your transformation, reveals new nuances waiting to be assimilated into your way of being.