Love your Brother, and your Sister

Love your Brother, and your Sister

v25 Jesus said 'Love your brother like your own soul. Guard him like the pupil of your eye'

v25: Love Your Brother

The instruction to love your brother has a different context in Thomas. Your brother is as much a part of the Unity as you yourself are. When you fail to love him then it is the Divine itself that you fail to love. In failing to love your brother you fail to love to yourself. 'Brother' in a Thomas context includes the brotherhood of all nations, all colours, and all genders. It includes all species, mother earth, and the cosmos itself. To be clear there is no anthropocentric bias in an undifferentiated unity.


The instruction is a blanket one and there are no get out of jail free cards, no situation where you will be let off the hook. No mention of exluding those people you don't like given that everyone and everything is a manifestation of the One. These considerations are addressed in my forthcoming book, 'The Kingdom of the One' but for now ponder this. Loving your brother starts and ends by being there for him in whatever guise he may require. if someone needs your coat then let him have it. If someone needs your expertise then again let him have it. Jesus recognises that if everyone lived according to such a code then no-one would ever want for anything.

Thomas prohibits us from passing the buck. If we want a better world then the onus is always on us to make a better world. It starts with the person in the mirror and ends in service to others, all others 

The Gospel of Thomas - Love your Brother