Are You Ready For Change?

Are You Ready For Change?

v22. ‘When you fashion eyes in place of an eye, a hand in place of a hand, a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness…….then you shall enter the Kingdom'

v22: The Requirement to Change

At the end of v22 we are given our first advice regarding what we need to do to truly know ourselves. We are encouraged to  'replace our eye with eyes' so that we may see both the world and ourselves anew. 'Replace hand with a hand' so that we may feel the world in a different way. And  'replace foot with a foot 'so that we may walk the world with a different stride and gait. 

Jesus confirms that to know ourselves requires us to transform our world view, and when we do this we find the Kingdom. In Thomas 'The Kingdom' is a peace of mind, a serenity sourced from knowing oneself and understanding our place in the world. It is a knowledge that transcends any knowledge available in your normal daily life. 

It's almost like Jesus is challenging the audience, are you sure you are ready for what my teaching requires?  

v58: Blessed Are Those That Have Suffered

It is v58 which explains why we might be compelled to change. In it Jesus says v58 'Blessed is the man who has suffered and has found life'  confirming that it is in our suffering that we are prompted to search for meaning. In a world full of humans who do not know who and what they are, Thomas furnishes answers that have stood the test of time. Answers that contradict core doctrines of Christian Orthodoxy and yet possess a self authenticating legitimacy.

Have I grabbed your interest yet?

Gospel of Thomas - Hand in Place of a Hand