The Unity

The Unity

v77 Jesus said '........It is I who am the All. From me did the All come forth and unto me does the All extend. Split the wood and I am there. Lift the stone and you shall find me there'

v77: The Unity

Most of us experience our lives life as something separate from everything else. There is you and then there is I and we both live in a world defined by separation and distinction. In v77 Jesus explains his very different experience of the world. He declares that there is no distinction between himself and the All of everything. He declares that he exists in the split wood and also under stones, using metaphor to describe what is often referenced as ineffable

This is the 'Undifferentiated Unity', a transformed world perspective where all multiplicities are dissolved, and the individual recognises himself to be an integral part of the one process of everything, the unity itself.

Gospel of Thomas - Everything is ONE thing

Gospel of Thomas

v77: Non-Duality

The merging of the self with the All, with the Unitary, would fashionably be labelled as a Non-Dual postion. Non-Dual simply means 'not two'. The mystical arm of Islam, Sufism, describe this as the 'Unity of Being'. It is the recognition that I am not just the link on the chain, but also the chain itself. Not just the wave crossing the ocean, but also the ocean.

This identification of our higher self, the recognition that we have a higher identity, this is the core of the Thomas message. If you take anything away from this site then take this for it is the greatest gift Jesus ever gave us.